I.C.U / H.D.U Department


  • The development of Intensive Care Unit has made possible, the care for more serious patients.
  • The management of patients at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a complex task.
  • At Krishna Hospital we have tried to give optimum facilities to simplify this task.
  • Krishna Hospital has well equipped Intensive Care Unit which consists of “3 Special Rooms” and “3 General Beds”.
  • The ICU has 24/7 fully trained Doctors; they can handle all the emergencies independently and also have a good rapport with the Primary Physicians.
  • The ICU has Central Oxygen for each bed. All the beds are having multi-para monitors with central monitoring facility.
  • The ICU is equipped with two Invasive Ventilators which comply with International Standards. There is one Non- Invasive ventilator which is useful for patients of Asthma, LVF etc. The Biphasic Defibrillator is available for revival of disastrous heart complications. Tran venous pacemaker and expertise are available for emergency pacing.
  • All ICU equipments are of International Standards.
  • We arrange periodical training for our staff for continuous up gradation. We have defined ICU protocols and Infection control and other policies too.


  • The High Dependency Unit or step down ICU has two beds to take care of patients requiring moderate level of care.